City Secretary

The City of Petersburg Secretary performs many duties vital to the daily operations of City Hall.  Listed below you will find many of the duties performed.
  • Accounts payable – Paying of all bills and preparing them for the Treasurer to mail
  • Payroll – 17-20 employees every two weeks, council and firemen four times a year (February, May, August and November)
  • Quarterly taxes – Federal and State Withholding, and State Unemployment, as well as end of the year taxes, w-2’s, etc.
  • Risk Management Coordinator – all insurance – workman’s comp., property damage, health, dental, life, OHSA report in February
  • Pickup, distribute the mail and run errands
  • Typing for some supervisors, Mayor and Alderman
  • Preparing for council meetings every two weeks
  • Attend Council meetings twice a month and backup the City Clerk when he is absent which includes doing the minutes of the meetings
  • Answer telephone and make numerous phone calls
  • Attend Locis Classes (our computer co.)
  • Journal entry of Treasurer’s deposits
  • Helping Auditor (especially at fiscal year-end)
  • Filing correspondence
  • File or record all correspondence at the courthouse
  • Assist City Attorney
  • Assist Zoning Administrator
  • Do some typing, etc. for Tree Committee
  • Filling out miscellaneous forms that come in the mail (surveys, etc.)
  • Order office supplies
  • Maintain the city records
  • Get liquor-machine license ready to mail and type
  • Backup water department – do cash, reports, take payments, take deposit to the bank, etc. when water collector is absent
  • Helping general public with various items - directions,
  • phone numbers, contact people

Contact Info

Tracy Ciesler
Administrative Secretary
(217) 632-3600