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Hydrant Flushing


On Monday May 9, 2022 the City will begin performing maintenance on the water distribution system by flushing hydrants. Sediment may be disturbed within the water mains while doing the flushing. Although this sediment is common and expected in any system, we are required by the State Statute to notify customers that this sediment may contain lead even though our water system has no known lead conduits. However, the plumbing contained within your home or business may contain some components which contain lead. Your water may appear cloudy or dirty on the days when hydrants on your line are being flushed. Please check your water before doing laundry. This flushing program is designed to cleanse the water lines of sediment and iron manganese buildup. The flushings improve water quality. If you have any questions or concerns contact the Petersburg Water Department at 632-2156. Thank you for your cooperation!